Conscious People Thrive

Conscious people thrive by choosing an abundant, meaningful  happy life filled with new possibilities, and creating a reality that is even more amazing than they ever imagined possible!

Fear of going through short-term sacrifices to get to a desired goal can paralyze and hold you back.

Discover how to discern if those fears have validity and how to motivate your Self to get started in the direction of your ideal vision!

What if you could access your all-knowing Subconscious & remove the hidden beliefs, attitudes, perspectives or emotions that cause imbalance?  

As a medical intuitive Christa uses Opus Lux DNAScan. This cutting-edge healing method, literally scans your DNA revealing your story;  It allows Christa to see the limiting beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, perspectives, emotions & feelings creating imbalances in your health, wealth or relationships.  


Opus Lux DNAScan  enables you to restore your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Christa has  discovered that successful people understand how to create happy, outstanding, prosperous lives. They reach out to her looking to progress to the next level. They  desire to raise their conscious awareness, up their game, with greater confidence, clarity and mastery. Also wanting inner peace, vibrant health and experience high functioning relationships.

Achieving this next step, comes from  being in touch with individual core inner values, deep soul knowing of yourself and trust in your own intuition.

Christa uses her natural ability to assist them to tune in with their own higher knowing. Thus allowing her clients to explore their Spiritual Selves and connect them consciously to a deeper conscious awareness of themselves.






Conscious people thrive - Christa Rae

Join Christa on her monthly program and get a mini reading and your questions answered.


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on the Third Tuesday
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(425) 440-5100
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