The Akashic Records and Relationships

“Why are Relationships so damn difficult?”

with Guest Rachel Wison, Transformational Coach and Healer
Hosted by Rebecca Lafferty

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Juicy Aging
With Bonnie Salamon and Special Guest Bonnie Segal

Transformation in the Third Act of Life promises to be extraordinary, IF we can connect to ‘WHY’ we do what we do, and the true essence of our purpose.

Within Joy: Where Is My Joy?!!
with host Sahra Alexander
Readings and Guidance with Special Guest
Intuitive Consultant ~
Sharon Freewoman

Michael Scimeca, author of The Guardian Within.

Through Guardian Mastery ~ Learn to interact with expansive strategies that nourish your developing brain & gain easier access to the inner resources for making productive changes in your life.

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Sound & Ancestral Healing 
Re-Enchanting Health and Abundance
Jill  is a pioneer of the Sound &  Ancestral Healing  through rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques, the power of chants Jill has perfected a unique approach to literally re-enchanting health and abundance.
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The Art of Having it All:
A Guide to Unlimited Abundance
With Rebecca Kirson and Special Guest Christy Whitman
Is it possible to have: a passionate marriage; a thriving career; a healthy, beautiful body; more money than you ever dreamed possible, and enough “down” time to enjoy it – without running yourself ragged? The answer is a resounding YES!
 Infinity Wave Healing 
The Next Evolution

Karen Holbrook and Special Guest Hope Fitzgerald

The Infinity Wave ~ helps to connect us as powerful conduits between the Universe and the Earth ~ AMA is a pure and powerful life force with similar properties, rising from the Earth ~ Create a harmonious dance welcoming a new context for living that is joyful and light!
An Uncommon Man on a Remarkable Journey ~ Creating a World Based on Unconditional Love 

Guest Michael Roads and host Josephine Laing

Michael offers clear metaphysical insights and relates his unique powerful experiences to assist our connection to nature & awakening to our Divine potential.