Step Into Magic

Develop Your Psychic Ability 

With Josephine Laing


Josephine has worked as a clairvoyant healer for the past twenty five years.  She is well versed and highly regarded in the arts of psychic perception and holistic healing.

During her long career, Josephine has helped thousands of people find relief from hard to diagnose or chronic health issues.

Her show is co-hosted with Anthony J. Taylor, author of The Sacred Sites Bible, Josephine empowers her listeners to develop their own clairvoyance and open up to this often dormant potential intuition and magic that lies waiting within us all.

Using her skillfully refined techniques as a mentor and workshop leader, Josephine has taught hundreds of people to enhance their psychic ability. She believes that when we embrace our psychic ability, we unlock our spirituality and simultaneously find our own true purpose and joy. This allows us to step into the magic of our lives.




Josephine has undertaken extensive research into meditation, dream analysis, along with eastern and western spiritual traditions and will explain how these can be used to increase our psychic ability.


“Embracing Our Natural Psychic Abilities.”
Many people have and use their psychic ability without even realizing it.   They know who is calling on the phone.  Or, they awaken in the middle of the night because they sense that a loved one is in trouble.  Artists often see a vision in their mind of the next painting that they are inspired to create. Musicians will sometimes hear the melodies and refrains of an upcoming composition playing in their head.
Inner impressions come to us in the form of inspirations, as if on high, because they are from on high.They are from our own Higher Self, our unique spiritual connection to the Universal Source of all life.  When we embrace this sacred union, it fills our life with joy, and also guides us to step into the magic of our own lives.
Step into magic with Josephine Laing


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