The Cosmic Pulse

Do you want to be right or Expansive Aware Consciousness? Its time to pulse.

Kazzy’s program It’s time to pulse is and initiation to ‘the cosmic pulse’. This is  the divine impulse deep within us, representing an all encompassing compassionate acceptance of everything in existence. It is beyond borders, concepts, and limitations.The pulse at your core soul level is then able emit an energy she calls ‘Liquid love’ enabling the acceleration your healing process.

An expanded consciousness of love, makes it possible to accept all aspects of oneself as a divine multidimensional being in physical form.

Learn to use this aspect of you, it supports and nourishes whilst literally burning through, releasing all programming that no longer serve you.

Let it help you restore spaciousness, peace, clarity, joy and flow. Awakening the depth or your inner knowing to guide and assist you in daily life.



Its Time to Pulse with Kazzy Holbrook

Be present as all that you are. End the conflict between separation and the wholeness. Integrate and accept all the aspects of your self.

Light Dark Good Bad Right Wrong. All are the Divine of You! Conceptions, beliefs, judgments, and deep seated programs would have us believe otherwise.


.Monthly Program

First Saturday or Sunday @ 9am Pacific
Phone number: 440 425 5010
PIN Code: 898378#

Saturday, May 6  @ 9 AM PT



About Kazzy

Following a massive spiritual awakening 15 years ago she travelled the globe and studied the art of Zero Point with may of the Indian Masters.

Long periods of zero point meditation enabled Kazzy to utilize the ‘cosmic pulse’ to aid her own and others growth and healing. She initiates your individual connection to ‘liquid love’ so you can literally love all the parts of self back into wholeness. Kazzy is an international facilitator of the Cosmic Pulse and Zero Point Healing, teaching through in person 1:1 sessions, webinars and live workshops.

A radical, practical, cutting edge teacher of non-duality, inner peace, expansion, and wholeness with an awareness of the self as love Kazzy holds the space for you to create miracles in your life. Thus enabling you let go of all ‘you’ that blocks true nature flow and abundance. Her work assists clarity and healing in all areas of your life ~ relationships, career, money & abundance, increasing intuition and awareness.

Her program ‘Its time to pulse’ is once a month, weekly support calls are also held via donation or subscription click here for more information. 




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