MaryAine Curtis is owner and founder of The Return to Joy! Center in San Luis Obispo, Ca. She specializes in helping people see the possibilities in their lives so they can achieve their lifetime goals and dreams. Let MaryAine be your guide to successful emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Let MaryAine help you remove your blocks to success, gain skills for life with her Self Development Coaching Techniques.

How about your life?

Do you need more happiness in your life?
Are you searching for more and deeper meaning in your life?
Let’s go there together and release the old thought patterns and feelings that are holding you back.

Welcome MaryAiñe Curtis to our WIN team
Hosted by Christa Rae Pacheco

Introductory talk replay link

Latest Call
Thursday, May 11 @ 12PM  P T
Be sure to listen in as she openly shares her insights and experience with candid clarity.
She approaches her shows with a “If I knew then, what I know now,” approach, whilst giving tools and  thoughts on “being the change you wish to see.”
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MaryAine’s own RET ~ Rapid Emotional Transformation Story

Rapid Eye Technology produced benefits that changed my life, opening blocked doors in my personal sessions and paving the way toward realizing my own forgotten dream of helping others. Rapid Eye Technology and Heart Centered Therapy have helped me to release the old patterns of abuse and self loathing that I carried with me for so many years. I often asked myself ‘why I would accept an abusive relationship?’ It doesn’t happen overnight. Abusive relationships become that way slowly and usually start with verbal abuse first, like sarcasm and teasing. Now I know the difference and I am able to make a difference. Now I know how to have joy in my own life and I am helping others make a difference in their own lives.