Spiritual Clarity

Ultimately life is about learning to have compassion for yourself and those around you. Rebecca has chosen to master this area and bring it to the world for others to share in that mastery.

It starts with clearing non-productive thought patterns that limit our success and cause self sabotaging behavior. Rebecca states:

“This life is about reconnecting with your spirit so you can experience true compassion. In doing so you feel much more present in yourself”

The tools Rebecca offers through her programs and readings allow the participants to find inner peace and are truly life changing.



Ongoing Monthly Program
on the first Wednesday Monthly
@ 9AM Pacific

(425) 440-5100    677086#

Introductory Program
Replay at the link below

Rebecca is an intuitive psychic who has been sharing and developing her amazing gift of compassionate sensitivity for over 20 years. Her journey into the world of psychic counseling started when she was 21-years-old and working as a police dispatcher.  It was then that she noticed powerful reactions in her “gut” about people and situations.

Rebecca generously offers her guidance to people who seek a deeper understanding of their lives. Because of her astute intuitive clarity, Rebecca has quickly cultivated an international client base. She offers mini intuitive readings on her program.